Day 10: Shall we apply ourselves (together)?

Day 10: Love, Longing And Everything Between

Day 9: Of the Future

Day 9: The way it shatters

Day 8: Love is [insert phrase]

Day 8: Love is [insert phrase]

Day 7: Ghosts

Day 7: Your love makes me thirsty

Day 6: Juju eyeballs

Day 6: Desire

Day 5: The wrong mother

Day 5: In Defence of Singapore Men...

Day 4: One Final Letter

Day 4: The Colonel's Bucket

Day 3: A Place with a View

Day 3: The two-timing slut-bitch

Day 2: The Nameless Thing

Day 2: One Ferrero Rocher with a small purple ribbon

Day 1: What she said

Day 1: A Beginning and An Introduction