Day 5: In Defence of Singapore Men...

"I have come to fuck your horses and eat your women" - Bhorat, "Bhorat's Guide to Britain"

It might as well have been one of these fine expat men in Singapore who posted this.

But it appears that some women, most notably this one, are quite happy to have foreign men do what Bhorat set out to do. And explain away their preference quite eloquently too, repeatedly. Which makes one wonder about the effort one puts into justifying ones sexual peccadiloes. But that's just a run up to the main, burning question, which is why Singaporean men are seen as inferior to foreign men.

So in defence of Singapore men, here is my top ten list for why Singapore men are a superior species to foreign/fallen talent:
10. No one gets acronyms like they do. ECP, PIE, LTA, COE and, especially, MCP.
9. Because they understand your Singlish. Or speak in the same fake Ang Moh accent we do.
8. Because they have mothers that will take care of your kids during the week, weekends, and whenever
7. Because they have mothers that will cook double boiled herbal soup, birds nests and other yummies that modern women no longer know how to cook.
6. Because they have sweet, long suffering mothers that raised them. And will raise your kids and grandkids if permitted.
5. Carrying a gun is supposed to be manly, if you believe the army recruitment ads.
4. Because they're equally food mad and will drive you all over for a good meal. (Try explaining that to a foreigner)
3. Because they also understand
2. Because if you ask them about cars, computers or EPL, you'll never have to contend with uncomfortable silences. Ever.

*drumroll for the #1 reason why Singapore men are superior"

1. Because the gah-men say so.


Blogger expat@large said...
You'll have to explain the thinking behind your reference to my blog - much too subtle for the thick expat community.

Have I been a good boy or have I been a bad boy with that post?

26 February, 2005 21:38  
Blogger k said...
It was the photo of the little brown local woman that said as much.

Not a particularly good or bad boy, just a boy, doing what lads do when confronted with the prospect of gratituos sex.
04 March, 2005 18:14  

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