Day 1: A Beginning and An Introduction

This is a collaborative blog by Mr Miyagi and I, Karate Kid IV in dishonour of Valentines Day in Singapore.

Wah, Super Obit Picture

Before we start anything, I'd like to claim near total credit for suggesting this collaboration, inspired of course by Miyagi Sensei's rant at Valentines Day and his understated articulation of his own personal heartbreak. When the ingredients of an articulate man, the prospect of tilting at the Valentine's Day windmill and great collaborative blogs started to forment in my mind, this blog was the result.

Miyagi Sensei was kind enough to go along with my suggestion for this. Please do not impute that just because he's a Singaporean male, he'd go along with anything a Singaporean female suggested. Even if it is true, generally. For Singaporean males, not Miyagi Sensei.

So this blog will operate for the next 10 days, with postings between the twain evenly divided on the themes the past, present and future of romance in our personal lives and in Singapore.

Days 2-4: The Ghosts of Valentines Days' Pasts - Loves Lost and Unions Aborted.

Days 5-7: The Ghost of Valentines Day Present -Gender Wars, Foreign Talent, Evil Relatives, Chinese New Year, the States of our Personal Unions (or lack thereof), the SDU, SPG's and other fond Singaporean acronyms, Racial lines, the Criminalisation of (Homo)sexuality.

Days 8-10: The Ghosts of Valentines Days' Yet - Children, Procreation vs Immigration, Hopes and Pipe Dreams for Romance in Singapore.

Let the fun begin!


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