Day 4: The Colonel's Bucket

So what if it was at the KFC?

You didn't say no when I asked you to marry me, and I was dead serious. So what if I didn't have a ring for to put on your finger? You didn't say no, and I was dead serious. I was dead serious even if it was a spur of the moment thing. I was madly in love with you and you didn't say no.

I would've forgotten about my asking you to marry me at the KFC, but ten years to the day I did, you took me out to the very same KFC, bought me a meal, and said Happy Anniversary.

I mightn't have asked again, but you know what? You still haven't said no.


Blogger TriplePeriod said...
Mr Miyaki. You are a true blue romantic. True Romeos with characters are hard to find nowadays and so are the ladies who truly appreciate one. Give them a French V-day dinner package, a boutique of red roses and the words "I love you" would probably mean more than it did without the former 2.
If you love her...yeah, so what if it was at the KFC?
10 February, 2005 23:48  

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