Prelude to One Week.


I'm a long dormant nom de plume come back to digital life for one week. Karate Kid IV, Girl Emancipated, call me what you will - I am a ghost of the internet past, so to speak.

But I'm back, for one week only, even as I wait for my lover to return. He hasn't left yet, not until tonight, but he's leaving for parts distant and regions foreign. And the process of his leaving makes me feel as if the the lover I long for has vanished, even as he is slipping away, out of my reach. Gone.

It is the fear of losing, of loss, worse still than the loss itself. Even if it is, I tell myself, only temporary. But life is short, vicious, brutish in a way that few of us predict.

The young presume that they have time.

Lovers do as lovers are, premise and presume, blissfully that partings daily are only that - partings, daily.

But I have lost that heedlessness of youth, I have been stripped on my mantle as a lover, if only for a week, very early on, of how easy it might have been to lose my love, my lover.

So I will wait until his return as I have prayed before his leaving. And I will write to you all in the week pending his return.


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